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Smaller guys can win.

We help partners ideate, select and implement digital solutions
supported by our experience and the 'digital playpen'  Cohesion™

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What we do

Strategy - Why are we doing 'things' and are they the right 'things'? 

Are clients doing the right things?

What is the impact and trade offs between strategic choices and day to day operations?

Can the unforeseen be prepared for?

How do you stakeholders buy in up front?

Operating Models - What is everyone supposed to do to deliver and sustain positive outcomes?

By investing in 'Operating Model' transformation organisations can improve efficiency, effectiveness, agility and achieve and sustain strategic goals. 

Making clients into 'configurable organisations'

Operations and Digital - How we help teams do things, as we wish them to be done.

System change that stakeholders want, will be better used! Co-designing new ways of working, process innovation comes first.... system choice is secondary..

Use case discovery and elaboration must be inclusive and  collaborative.

Acceleration and Enablement.

80% of new initiatives fail due to poor design, inconsistent execution and limited adoption.

Senaryo™ and our Digital Playpen - Cohesion™ allows processes and systems to be modelled and collaboratively created.

Generative AI can be applied to accelerating the use case design

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Techniques Example

Five Horizons Consulting Partner

Focused on driving Stakeholder impact to deliver Shareholder Rewards, Senaryo are proud to bring the Five Horizons approach to our clients 

Businesses will only succeed if they compete in the mindset of the future, not how things were in the past...

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Operating Models and Digital Solutions

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