Five Horizons Book Launch 21st June 2022
Senaryo Services Director Steve Sanders Book launched

The world is changing – make sure your business changes with it.
How to recognise tipping points in society and business. Change is constant and quite normal, but we often find comfort in what we know, treating change as a distant and remote threat. Disruptions occur within all areas of competition through innovation of technology, business models, and the shifts that affect why, what, and how people buy and how they choose employment. The failure to foresee and act upon these shifts is the primary cause of company failures. It can be a source of great differentiation too.

Steve Sanders, a Director at Senaryo Services, had his book launched on 21st June 2023.

We are in the midst of a once-in-a-generation Great Shift that will usher in fundamental global change. In Five Horizons, the unapologetic nonconformist Steve Sanders demonstrates that the ‘profit-first-and-last’ mindset no longer serves us and the time for conventional thinking has passed. To succeed in future, businesses must look to new horizons.

Read this book to:

  • Identify your purpose and decide what your business stands for
  • Deconstruct the assumptions that are limiting your potential
  • Understand, address and resolve the issues that people care about most to have far-reaching impact
  • Share your principles and values to attract and retain customers and employees
  • Differentiate yourself in the marketplace and watch as your company value multiplies

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Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology
A Guide to Core Models and Tools