Associate Programme

Clients 'trust' you technically or commercially and are willing to listen to your advice on how to apply modern 'digital' technology that delivers them the outcomes they want. You are often the architects of what they regard as being possible. Senaryo and the Open Digital Alliance want to partner with you.

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  • Enabling consultants to increase credibility & drive increased value to clients through Senaryo Services association

  • Access Senaryo Services Digital Value creation playbooks & resources

  • Engage with validated 3rd party offers to enhance client experience and increase your consultancy earning potential 

  • Leverage Senaryo Services consultant community for support & ideas to energise client engagements 

  • Support & engage on Senaryo Services generated client opportunities 

  • Access Senaryo Services Consultant tool bag* to support day to day operations 

  • 80% consultant fee on all consultancy project work

  • 15% fee paid on software sold (upfront, recurring & renewal)

  • 5% ambassador fee for client referrals (% of total initial closed deal with client covering software, managed services & consultancy)

Senaryo have a 'Vision' of the future of works where consulting Associates are able to co-create solutions for our clients through the use of Senaryo Services and our Digital Platforms to deliver clients ambitions in:

  • Improving their reach into the market, or

  • Creating a differentiated value proposition from their current capabilities or

  • Re engineering the operating model of the business or

  • A combination of the above.

A fundamental building block of this is to have talented individual contributors who are able to design and build playbooks or deliver individual components of the delivery of a given client solution. (Project Management, Programme Management, iPlaybook Development, Development work & Consultancy)

We call this role the 'Client Consultant Associate'

What Senaryo expect of a Client Consulting Associate?

  1. A wide network of relationships

  2. In depth knowledge of a professional discipline

  3. A willingness to partner to deliver solutions to improve the clients circumstances and work for the benefit of the client and Senaryo

  4. Ownership of developing any given mutual business opportunity and an appetite to share the risk and reward.