Transforming Customer Experience and the Selling Cost base.
The EMEA 'Teleweb' Success Story


In a groundbreaking program across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), the 'Teleweb' initiative has achieved remarkable results by rationalising contact centers and introducing an innovative internet sales motion. This ambitious project, which facilitated the merger of two large technology companies, showcases how strategic integration can lead to significant cost savings, enhanced sales performance, and improved customer satisfaction.

Cost Reduction and Financial Performance

One of the standout achievements of the 'Teleweb' program is its substantial cost reduction. By streamlining operations and optimising the contact center infrastructure, the program successfully reduced costs by $21 million. This impressive feat was achieved without compromising service quality, highlighting the efficiency and effectiveness of the new operational model.

In addition to cost savings, the program also drove significant financial performance. Over the span of a year, the 'Teleweb' initiative transacted $2.4 billion worth of technology products. This robust sales performance underscores the power of integrating internet sales strategies with traditional contact center operations, demonstrating the potential for substantial revenue generation in the digital age.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Beyond financial metrics, the 'Teleweb' program also made significant strides in improving the total customer experience. By merging two large technology companies, the program created a unified, customer-centric approach that streamlined interactions and enhanced service delivery. This customer-focused strategy resulted in a notable improvement in the total customer experience score, reflecting increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Strategic Integration and Innovation

The success of the 'Teleweb' initiative can be attributed to its strategic approach to integration and innovation. The program not only merged two large technology companies but also introduced a new sales motion that leveraged internet capabilities. This innovative approach enabled the program to reach a broader audience, increase engagement, and drive higher sales volumes.

The rationalisation of contact centers played a crucial role in this transformation. By consolidating operations and implementing advanced technologies, the 'Teleweb' program enhanced efficiency, reduced redundancies, and improved the overall effectiveness of customer interactions. This strategic integration ensured that the merger of the two companies was seamless and that the new operational model was robust and scalable.

Cultural Integration: Merging Minds and Values

One of the less visible but equally critical aspects of the 'Teleweb' program was the cultural integration of the merging companies. Successfully combining the distinct cultures of two large organisations required a thoughtful approach to change management and a deep understanding of both companies' values and practices.

By fostering open communication and encouraging collaborative efforts, the program cultivated a unified culture that embraced the strengths and values of both legacy organisations. Regular cross-functional workshops, team-building activities, and leadership alignment sessions were pivotal in creating a cohesive and motivated workforce.

This cultural integration not only smoothed the operational merger but also enhanced employee morale and engagement, leading to improved productivity and a stronger, more resilient organizational culture. The focus on cultural alignment ensured that all employees were aligned with the new strategic vision, facilitating smoother transitions and driving collective success.


The EMEA 'Teleweb' program is a testament to the power of strategic integration and innovation in driving business success. By reducing costs by $21 million, transacting $2.4 billion in technology products, and improving the total customer experience score, the program has set a new benchmark for excellence in the technology sector. This initiative not only demonstrates the potential for cost efficiency and revenue growth but also highlights the importance of enhancing customer experience and achieving cultural integration in mergers. As the program continues to evolve, it serves as an inspiring example for other organisations looking to navigate the complexities of mergers and digital transformation.


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